Sunday, October 4, 2009

Finished mittens and a hat :)

I have finished my daughters mittens and I also made up a hat to go with them. Here is a photo of them:

I hope she will like them, though I may need to line them with fleece or something so that the wool won't pinch her.
We'll see when she gets home from her dad's house later today...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Click this yummie picture for an awesome giveaway over at Lila Tueller :)

And now for some news about my projects...
I went to a quilt retreat last weekend and it was sooo much fun! All these wonderful women making such beautiful things! I've never been before, but I sure will go again :D
We stayed at a country hotel which used to be a school. It has class pictures on the walls, dating from the 1930's and a geothermal pool outside. Really a cozy atmosphere.
On friday we had a surprise project which turned out to be a cool pouch and the rest of the trip I worked on a quilt for my bed. I chose fabrics from Ammas Garden by Guðrún Erla for the quilt and I think it's turning out nicely. A nice quilting job will be neccessary though, I'm not sure if I'll do it least I will need to practise on something else first...

Here is a sneak peak of the quilt :)

Other things in process are the sofa cushion covers which I have not been able to get back to after finishing two covers. And I'm knitting a pair of woollen mittens for my daughter that I grab when I'm watching TV.

There are a few things on my To-Do list that I can't wait to get started.
  • An Apron that my mother got me fabric for a few weeks ago. I just got the matching thread yesterday, so it's all set :D
  • Pyjamas for my baby boy (Mr.T) from a fabric that my mom found in her stash, she bought it over 20 years ago to make something for my brother and it's really nice, green with bunnies and purple toadstools.
  • Woolen socks for Mr. T for winter.
  • A baby cap from Debbie Bliss Silk yarn...mmmm...A few of my friends are expecting and I would like to make silk baby caps for their babies :)
  • Ohh, and I really would like to make a Cathedral Window Quilt since I found this great tutorial. I'm planning on starting out with a pencil case or a pillow cover and see if I like doing it before I make a whole throw.
I really could go on for ever, but this is what I would like to start in the next 2-4 weeks...but first, finish the sofa covers, mittens and quilt :D

Ps. I'm writing this from work, I will add photos of my projects when I get home :)

Monday, September 21, 2009


I finished my daughter's merino sweater about two weeks ago and she is thrilled with it :)
It's so warm and looks very good on her.
Perfect for a young girl in winter.

And I do love the collar, it's so big and warm :)

Now I am in the process of making a new cover for the family sofa. The old cover is white and since my little boy is almost two years old, it's getting spots that are hard to remove. I'm making a darker cover but it is a lot of work and takes time that I hardly have. It will probably be finished before Christmas ;)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy day and giveaway

I told you before that I am knitting a purple sweater for my daughter.

This is how far I had gotten last time and I needed some more yarn.

I went online to the Icelandic yarn retailer to look for places that sell this yarn and then I sat down and called them up to check if they had any in stock.
I had called every single store in Iceland that was listed on the website and NONE of them had any left! I even called my mother in law in Norway to have her send me some yarn if she would find it there. When I told my mother about it she decided to check in a shop in Ísafjörður where she lives, which was not listed as a seller, and guess what...They had plenty of it! :D I am SO VERY HAPPY :D

Now I can finally finish the sweater and make my daughter happy ;)

I also want to tell you that I did something for the first time...I participated in a giveaway!
It was at the blog of Rose Hip that I like to read. Although I never win anything I hope I do this time, the fabrics she is giving are so gorgeous and would make a perfect picnic blanket.
And if I win, of course I will make my own giveaway, perhaps with something Icelandic :)

Well, I'm off to knitting...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Finished objects this summer

I have not been very active this summer, and in fact, I've decided and bought material for much more than I have actually finished.

Ég hef ekki verið mjög dugleg í sumar, reyndar hef ég ákveðið og keypt í fleiri verkefni en ég hef náð að klára.

En mig langar að sýna ykkur hvað ég hef klárað. Fyrst gerði ég þennan kjól handa dóttur minni sem er 11 ára. Það er hægt að nota hann á marga vegu, þet
ta prófuðum við þegar við vorum í Noregi hjá tengdaforeldrum mínum.

But I want to show you what is already finished. First is a wrap dress I made for my 11 year old daughter. It can be worn in a lot of other ways, this is one we tried out in Norway when visiting my husband's parents:
Next I finished a woollen sweater for myself. It is made from the Icelandic Lopi which is very warm and cozy. The sweater is from the latest Lopi magazine and is called Ranga. The ligh grey is purl stitch while the dark grey is stocking stitch.

Næst kláraði ég ullarpeysu á mig. Hún er úr nýjasta Lopablaðinu og heitir Ranga. Munstrið er prjónað brugðið á meðan peysan sjálf er prjónuð slétt:

Two days ago I finished a gym/smimming/soccer bag for my daughter. Yes, her favorite color is Purple. Right now I am working on a sweater for her in Merino wool. Guess what color she chose ;)
I will show it to you later, but here is the gym bag:

Í fyrradag gerði ég svo íþrótta/sund/fótbltatösku handa dótturinni. Og já, uppáhaldsliturinn er fjólublár. Núna er ég að gera peysu á hana úr Merino ull því henni finnst lopinn stinga. Og gettu nú hvaða lit hún valdi ;)
Ég sýni ykkur hana seinna, en hér er mynd af töskunni:

By the way, the pattern for the bag is this one from Moda Bakeshop and the fabrics are byKaffe Fassett.

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have been thinking about creating a blog where I can post about my crafts, and finally I have done it. I love to knit, quilt and sew and here I will post photos of my work and link to interesting websites I find online :)
I am also interested in learning how to edit the blog and I put in this new background, but I think it may be too much for the eyes...what do you think?

Stay tuned for some photos of what I have been working on this summer :)

Ég er lengi búin að hugsa um að búa til handavinnublogg og loksins læt ég verða af því. Ég elska að prjóna og sauma og hér ætla ég að setja inn myndir af því sem ég geri og reyna að halda utan um sniðugar síður sem ég finn á netinu :)
Ég ætla líka að reyna að læra aðeins á það hvernig maður breytir útlitinu á blogginu, ég setti t.d. þennan bakgrunn inn en ég held að hann sé kannski óþægilegur að horfa á...hvað finnst ykkur?

Endilega kíkið aftur fljótlega, ég ætla að setja inn myndir af því sem ég hef verið að gera í sumar :)

Kveðja, Pálína