Monday, September 27, 2010

Blog hopper

Check out this cool Fall-O-Ween blog hop. First off is the Icelandic Gudrun with a fun Hannoween tablerunner. I love her Quilt-as-you-go method. I used it once on the runner I talked about here. And it was so easy, I made another one ;)

Woollen sweaters

This one I made this spring for my boy:I would have taken a better picture, but before I was able to, it go ruined in the washing machine :-(
So then I made him a new one, and this time from the Icelandic un-spun wool, Lopi, because it is warmer for the winter:
And here is the one I made for my teenager:
With a nice hood:
And finally a picture of the scarf that I made for my husband's friend's birthday:This, along with my last post, covers everything that I have made in the 7 months that I was blog-lazy.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Let's check the status of my old to-do list...hopefully it will not be too embarrassing...
  • An Apron that my mother got me fabric for a few weeks ago. Still not finished...
  • Pyjamas for my boy. Still not finished...
  • A baby cap from Debbie Bliss Silk yarn. Finished, and a pair of baby mary-janes to go with it:
  • Cathedral Window Quilt. Not even tried the method...
  • The sewing weekend Quilt. Not finished yet, but now that I know how to do free motion quilting on my sewing machnie, I am re-encouraged to finish it :D
  • The set for my baby girl. Finished. It is the one in the picture from my last post, but here is a picture of her wearing it when it is not too large on her:
  • Knitting needle case. Finished:I have also knitted 3 woollen sweaters, a Newton Heath scarf and sewn a crayon roll from this tutorial:

I'll show you the knitted stuff in my next post :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I had almost given up on Quilting because I have never been able to free-motion quilt with my machine, and that is something that I really want to try.I have followed every instructions and tips I have found, both online and with the sewing machnie manual but it always turned out tangled on the back side like this:
Today I was trying once again; cleaned my machine, changed the needle, put in the darning foot according to the instructions, but down the feed dogs, switched the stitch length to 0 and started, but no matter what tension I used, it always turned out like the above picture :( So I decided to take the machine to the repair shop to check if there was something wrong with it that was causing this. The repairman checked it out and it took him less than a minute to figure out what was wrong. The foot was supposed to be in the middle position...and it didn't say so in the instructions!

I am so happy to finally have this working, so now I can start practicing free motion quilting.
This is my first test:
I wrote on it how my sewing machine was set for this to work, and then I am going to keep it so that I won't forget how to do this :D

I haven't posted here for 7 months now and not even looked at other blogs since my baby girl was born on June 17th...but I think I'm back on track :)
Here's a picture of my sweet baby girl when she was 4 days old: