Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy day and giveaway

I told you before that I am knitting a purple sweater for my daughter.

This is how far I had gotten last time and I needed some more yarn.

I went online to the Icelandic yarn retailer to look for places that sell this yarn and then I sat down and called them up to check if they had any in stock.
I had called every single store in Iceland that was listed on the website and NONE of them had any left! I even called my mother in law in Norway to have her send me some yarn if she would find it there. When I told my mother about it she decided to check in a shop in Ísafjörður where she lives, which was not listed as a seller, and guess what...They had plenty of it! :D I am SO VERY HAPPY :D

Now I can finally finish the sweater and make my daughter happy ;)

I also want to tell you that I did something for the first time...I participated in a giveaway!
It was at the blog of Rose Hip that I like to read. Although I never win anything I hope I do this time, the fabrics she is giving are so gorgeous and would make a perfect picnic blanket.
And if I win, of course I will make my own giveaway, perhaps with something Icelandic :)

Well, I'm off to knitting...

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