Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 8

I didn't finish my bed Quilt because I need batting for it...but I did sew a little as well a knit this week. Here is what I did:

  • Sewed a dress from a skirt, also for my littlest one:

It's a bit too big now.

Here you can see the front of the chest better.
  • Sewed tights from a t-shirt, for little miss tiny as well, but I can not find them! I've searched everywhere! I guess I will find them stuffed inside some toy later :/
  • Knitted mittens for my teenage daughter:

They are just plain black mittens since she does not like colors or patterns now.

The dress is made from a skirt that used to belong to my teenager but it had a nasty stain on the front so I cut that panel away, as well as the waistband which had two rows of buttons, then sewed the skirt back together and made the top of the dress out of the white lining of the skirt. I think it looks pretty cute and old-fashioned.
I just wish I had taken a picture of the skirt before cutting it up!

The tights are from a grey and white striped t-shirt that my biggest one also used to own. The side seams are a bit wonky since I am not used to sewing with knits and was testing to find out what settings worked best. I think the plain zig-zag stitch came out the best.

What settings do you use when sewing knits on regular sewing machines?

Oh, and I really really want this book that Dana at MADE wrote! Please someone, give it to me for Christmas ;)

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  1. I loved looking at your blog and seeing your beautiful sewing and knitting.