Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Week two

When I set the goal to post once each week I though maybe it wasn't really a challenge. Then the week passed and I realized that to me...this is a real challenge.

But here I am, in another week, writing another post :)

I went on my computer yesterday to find pictures of what I have made since I was last posting. I usually take pictures of what I make, so the list is pretty long...but if you make it to the end of the post I need your opinion on something at the bottom...

I made this small shawl from herb-dyed laceweight Icelandic wool yarn that my mom gave me. She had bought it from the artist that spun and dyed it but her dog had gotten into it and created a big mess out of it.

She gave it to me and I untangled it and have kept it for about two years now. Last winter I wanted to try knitting a shawl from a traditional Icelandic pattern, and this is my version. I used the pattern Litla Hyrna Huldu. And I have a lot of that yarn left...any ideas on what to use it for?

These are bean-bags that I made for my son.
This is him wearing the Superman-Batman sweater that I made for him. I used a pattern that I bought from LilBlueBoo. Used a Superman T-shirt and made the Batman logo on the sleeve using freezer paper and fabric paint.

A Newton Heath hat to match the scarf that I made for my husband's friend. He got the hat for Christmas.

This is a Christmas sweater for a dog. I made it for my husband's grandmother's dog but I never took a picture of her wearing it. Hopefully I will when she wears it next Christmas!

This was also a Christmas present last year. For my mother in law. The pattern is called Rjúpa.

My daughter turned 13 in February. I made 5 pillows like this one with different JB pictures on them. She was a true Belieber back then...apparently that was ages ago ;)

These are mitts that I made with yarn and pearls that I got in a knitting swap.

My woollen sweater. Made from unspun Icelandic Lopi and laceweight wool that I got on a huge spool from my great grandmother. She used to use it on her knitting machine to make undershirts for her family.

This is a hat that I made using a pattern that a friend of my mom's gave me. It was a hat that her grandmother used to make but I had never seen how the hat looked before I knitted it.

I made this sweater for my father in law for his birthday. This is my husband modeling for me ;)

My baby girl turned one on June 17 and I made her a rainbow cake.
She is the one to the right, making the silly face :) The one on the left is my niece, she is two months younger. They are wearing dresses that my mom knitted for them.

I sewed this coat thing that everyone is wearing here in Iceland. The grey thing in the middle is attached to the coat and can be wrapped around the neck for a better closure.

And here is another sweater like the one above, only with brown instead of grey. I knitted this one for my grandmother. When I came to visit her last spring she asked if I would make her a sweater like mine and I just finished it two days ago...wish I could have finished is sooner because it is such a summery sweater, but she can use it next summer.
I bought the brown buttons yesterday and I have yet to put them on. I'm not sure if I should use them or if I should get white ones...what do you think?

Yesterday I started knitting this pair of mittens for my dad. It was his birthday yesterday and I hope I will have them finished before he comes for a visit.

So that's it. All I have made and taken pictures of since October last year. I better be more efficient from now on if I'm going to have something to talk about every week!

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