Monday, October 11, 2010

Not perfect - but I love it!

I started this Christmas tablecloth in 2008 and finished piecing the top in October that year.

It is a really beautiful design by Guðný Valgerður Ingvarsdóttir and made with wonderful fabrics that I got from

I never finished it because I didn't like how it went together, and actually thought that I was no good at piecing...until I found out that my sewing machine doesn't always start with the needle in the middle, sometimes it is 1/8th of an inch to the side, and that can make all the difference when putting together a quilt!
It has imperfections (see above photo) but I decided to finish it anyway. It was my first big piecing project and now it has also been my first machine quilting project. I had machine quilted around all the red stars and two flowers when I was comfortable with my machine quilting, so I picked up all the stitches and did them all again!

I absolutely love it and I do hope that the imperfections are not too I can't wait until Christmas to show it off!


  1. What a beautiful Christmas table cloth! I love the colors and the pattern. I think you can be proud of it. Don't mind the imperfections, think about that they make it unique, they are your personal signature. Lovely!

  2. Hi! Greetings from Finland! I also love the colours! The quilt is FANTASTIC! Congratulations!